Shop for Good: Reinventing Your Own Jewellery 1-1 Sessions

29 Nov 2019 · 2:00PM - 4:00PM
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Why not join one of our 1-1 consultation sessions to commission a customised design or bespoke piece of jewellery, tailored especially to you? A selection of the Seekd edit designers will work with you to re-invent your precious metals or stones to create the perfect piece of jewellery. Whether you are looking for wedding bands, an engagement ring, anniversary jewellery, or simply a unique piece to treasure, we’d love to help you create something special.

Book your 30-minute consultation slot with your selected designer. The five participating designers are:


Reworking Heirlooms and Customisation

Leonid’s “Milestone Rings” and “Cross Pearl Pendants” are particularly interesting when it comes to the potential to customise or redesign a piece of jewellery. The “Milestone Rings” are designed to celebrate one’s achievements or be a perfect gift, they can be made be made with family heirloom diamonds and gemstones. The idea behind the “Cross Pearl Pendant” is to melt heirloom jewellery into a cross or a special request shape. Working with recycled and reused precious metals and gemstones is an important part of his practice.



Reworking Heirlooms 

Ellis is more than happy to rework heirloom pieces of jewellery which you no longer wear into something you love, within the Ellis Mhairi Cameron aesthetic. Ellis has previously removed antique diamonds from unworn rings and other jewellery, and transformed them into new pieces for clients to love.


Each piece in the collection can be made-to-order with a preferred type, colour or size of stone and preferred precious metal alloy. Ellis can guide you through the collection and possibilities that can be explored to make one of her existing designs more personal to you.


Ellis offers an engraving service if you would like your jewellery engraved with a personal message.



Reworking Heirlooms and Customisation

Shimell and Madden are collaborative by nature. That’s why they enjoy working with clients to create beautiful, bespoke jewellery – whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding band or reworking an heirloom. 

As a team, they are extensively experienced in working to brief, from conception to completion. Depending on the design, the process should take around 6 to 8 weeks. They are able to reuse most precious metal and incorporate existing gemstones, to create a new piece of jewellery that holds sentimental value.



Reworking Heirlooms and Customisation

“Symbolism and heritage are at the forefront of my work - I tap into the emotions behind a design and translate that into a uniquely crafted piece"  

Flora’s favourite route to sustainability is to re-purpose materials: “I love remodelling old pieces to re-use the metal and stones and give them a fresh design and an exciting new lease of life".  Using a combination of traditional techniques alongside cutting edge technology, Flora draws on her expertise to create proposal drawings and select gems of the finest quality.

Bespoke commissions are created with care and craftsmanship in Hatton Garden by some of the finest craftsmen in the UK. Thoughout the process Flora discusses every aspect of the commission to ensure that it is as perfect as the customer dreams it could be.



Reworking Heirlooms and Customisation

Launched in London in 2004, CH Jewellery has organically evolved 9 signature collections, a line of Wedding and Engagement rings and a Bespoke business. Corinne’s passion for the power of nature, and the transformative memory of travel inspired collections such as the “Celebration Rings” and “Xilitla”, signature shapes like Water and Mountain.

Born often from experiments, certainly inspired by classic design and the concept of family heirloom, creations are sculpt in clay or hand carved in wax at first, then crafted through the traditional lost wax technique. Design, quality and authenticity lay at the core of the Brand Philosophy and Ethos.

Organic shapes of a warm, earthy quality, classic designs renewed through unexpected, personal twists. Timeless and a-seasonal. Corinne solely produces in small batches, made to measure, or for Bespoke commissions. She prefers to work with recycled gold and silver, Fair Trade metal and stones from best in class suppliers. Still deeply involved in the making process behind her pieces she also partners with customers and creates new items out of their old Jewellery. Rings hold a very special place in Corinne’s aesthetic vision, and collections are often created from their design. Artistic shapes, yet conceived with comfort and functionality in mind. During the last 15 years, Corinne has developed a cult following in Japan, and a loyal private clientele in the UK. She works out of her studio in Clerkenwell.