Range Planning for Jewellery: How to create a product mix to maximise your sales

31 Jan 2020 · 9:30AM - 4:30PM
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You create beautiful jewellery, but do you have the right type, number and combination of pieces at different price points to maximise sales? Industry expert Lorna Watson will show you how to plan or edit your range.

As creatives, jewellery designers have a seemingly endless ability to generate new ideas for their work. But, as a business owner, how do you make sure that you have the right combination of pieces, and at the right price points, for your target market? Consumers need to be presented with a cohesive range, which includes pieces at key price points – without this, they can feel lost and unable to make a purchase decision.

“It was a lovely experience not just to learn knowledge and skills but also get the latest industry trend of Jewellery. I enjoyed it so much and had a great time meeting everyone works in Jewellery. Thank you very much for organising the event. I found the presentation very informative and helpful in planning collections in the future”

– Past participant

Our Range Planning course has been designed to help you both review your existing work, and plan your next pieces, in the context of your own target market. The course includes techniques used by some of the largest and best-known jewellery brands, which we have adapted to be more suitable for smaller jewellery designers and makers.

The course is scheduled so that you can apply the learning to your own business, in time to capitalise on the busy Christmas period, whether you are selling retail, wholesale or both!

What will I learn?

In this one-day course, designed by former Creative Director of Astley Clarke, Lorna Watson, and the Goldsmiths’ Centre, you will learn how to:

  • Ensure your range is a good fit with your target market
  • Understand your target customer and their purchase behaviour
  • Identify and capitalise on your best sellers
  • Understand the ‘Product Mix Pyramid’, and how to map your existing or new pieces against it
  • Plan edit, or review your range
  • Use the marketing mix to improve your sales

The course also includes Goldsmiths’ Company research findings on consumers of Fine Jewellery:

  • Consumer types – demographics, lifestyles, and lifestage
  • Characteristics they most look for in a piece
  • Types of jewellery or silver most frequently purchased
  • Price points most commonly purchased at
  • Price ranges across which consumers buy
  • How often consumers make a purchase
  • Which channels they prefer to purchase from

Guided by a hugely experienced designer and tutor, this course will teach you the theory and help you apply it to your own business, through a series of group and individual exercises, supported by templates you will be provided with.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Up to three pieces of your own work (preferably contrasting pieces, e.g. from different collections and/or at different price points)

Who is this course designed for?

Beginner - this course is suitable for people with no previous Range Planning experience.

Ideal for new and emerging fine jewellery designers and makers who sell their work either wholesale or retail.

Who is the tutor?

The course will be delivered by Lorna Watson, whose career spans education, design, production, consultancy and entrepreneurship. As a freelance designer and design consultant her clients included De Beers, Dior, Burberry, Wedgwood, and the World Gold Council; and for seven years she was Creative Director at Astley Clarke. Lorna spent 15 years as a senior lecturer at Central St Martins and Edinburgh College of Art, has been a New Designers judge for the past ten years, and is also currently running her own start-up business - thisisstellar.com - which produces sustainable hand-crafted luxury goods. 

This course has also been designed with additional industry insight from Jon East who undertakes consumer research for the Goldsmiths’ Company.