Creative Links: Brand Experts in Conversation – Getting Your Image Right

12 Jun 2019 · 6:00PM - 8:00PM
£10 (includes a welcome drink)
Exhibition Room
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Your brand and image are important whether you have an emerging or established business. They impact all of the platforms you work on and through. So, how can your brand best represent your product? What can you do to shape your brand, to maximise customer engagement and loyalty? When and where can you seek support to get your brand right, and what can you do yourself?

These questions and many more will be the subject of this in-conversation with brand experts Elizabeth de Groot of Valery Demure Showroom and Objet d’Emotion, Steve Jurado of Envol Studio, Kara Penn of FIT Creative and Kelly Seymour of Cult of Youth. Come and hear their tips and advice, and pose your own questions.

Who are the speakers?

Elizabeth de Groot is the second in command at both Valery Demure Showroom and Objet d’Emotion - Valery Demure’s Fine Jewellery Gallery. She consults for jewellery Brands both within and outside the Showroom stable, helping them to structure their development, often collaborating with specialists in Branding, Marketing, Positioning, Financial Planning and Design along this journey. The goal of this process is to help Brand’s remain competitive in an ever more saturated and homogenous space. 

Steve Jurado is a Strategic Creative Director of the company Envol Studio and has been helping develop brands within luxury, fashion and technology for the past 12 years. Having worked both agency and client side, Steve understands many of the challenges brands face. Using the boundless power of creativity he works to reveal what makes a brand true, develops compelling brand positioning and helps them unlock creative opportunities. 

Silversmith and designer Kelly Seymour founded CULT OF YOUTH in 2011. Forged and blasted in the chaos of a Hackney warehouse, the first collection, a gothic clash of weighted cross chokers and silken bound bones, launched at London Fashion Weekend to noted acclaim. Following Fashion Week, a stall at London’s iconic Portobello Market, Cult of Youth was soon in Urban Outfitters stores from London to Berlin, Paris to Amsterdam. After three seasons in store and coinciding with the arrival of her son, Elvis, Kelly launched the signature MAMA CHAIN in the Summer of 2015. Cult of Youth has since evolved into a personal exploration of family intimacies and deep reflection with identity and self, before and after Motherhood. Followed and friended for her beautiful jewels as silversmith and her deeply resonant poetry as wordsmith, Cult of Youth stays true to its crystal/skull aesthetic whilst exploring concepts of place and time. Kelly’s jewels are a beautiful time stamp of both Motherhood and life’s mysteries. Each piece is lovingly made to order by Kelly, still in Hackney, still in chaos – of the rapscallion-raising kind.

Following a career working for leading agencies Lambie-Nairn, The Workroom and Fitch in London and the Middle East, Kara Penn, along with her partner Jonathan Cook, founded Fit Creative (Fit) in 2007. Established as an agency to bring big-business brand knowledge to smaller enterprises, institutes and charities Fit has a strong reputation for effective design that maximises budget. Kara is a passionate exponent on brand and its value to business.