Claw and Rubover Setting with Niall Paisley

27 Jan 2022 - 28 Jan 2022 · 9.30AM - 4.30PM
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Specialist Workshop
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Stone setting is the art of securing gemstones to a piece of jewellery to make it come alive. Experienced diamond setter, Niall Paisley will show you how to seat your stones securely in your work, protecting them from dirt and damages while showing off their brilliance through two of the most elementary type of setting.

During this two-day short course, Niall will show you step-by-step how to correctly position different shape gemstones securely using two popular techniques: Claw and Rub-Over Setting.

What will I learn?

Day 1: Rub-Over Setting

  • How to assess the correct size for the rub-over collet to fit a certain stone and size tolerance for the structure
  • Preparing the setting using appropriate tools
  • How to adjust the stone into the collet so it fits straight and level
  • How to set princess and oval cuts stones
  • How to work the metal over the stone to hold it securely
  • How to finish and prepare for polishing so the rub over looks professional

Day 2: Claw Setting

  • How to make your prong pushing tool
  • How to set stones in a double-gallery four claws setting
  • How to set stones in a 6 claws Rex collet setting
  • Problem solving

Our small class size offers you the chance to get group as well as individual guidance and 1:1 time with your tutor, allowing you to receive tailored advice to deepen your knowledge and understanding of this setting technique.

What equipment do I need to bring with me?

  • Protective clothing or clothing you do not mind getting dirty e.g. apron, and closed toe shoes.
  • Everything else will be provided by the Goldsmiths’ Centre and is included in the price of the course
  • (Optional) You can bring your own spritz stick, scorper and other setting tools
  • (Optional) Spectacles or head visor (if required) to work on small details

You will be provided with:

  • Different size burr as required
  • CZ’s in required size and quantity
  • Silver setting blank and collets
  • All tools including Spritz stick, scorper and pusher
  • Files and other materials to make some tools
  • Buff sticks

Who is this course designed for?

Beginners: No practical experience or understanding of the listed skill required.

Intermediate: Some practical experience and understanding of the listed skill required.

Participants should be comfortable in a workshop environment and able to work independently on basic tasks. This course is suitable for someone who has control of the pendant motor and a good grasp of cutting with scorpers.

Who is the tutor?

Niall Paisley embarked on his jewellery career in 1989, where he undertook a 5-year apprenticeship with B&B Setting under his Master Eddy Brown. Following this, Niall spent the next 10 years setting stones as an outworker for various names and companies, including Cartier and Leo de Vroomen. In 2005 Niall opened his own shop in Greenwich, specialising in bespoke jewellery and also ran a gallery that supported 40-50 young jewellery designers from the UK. In between all of this, Niall has taught Setting at Holts Academy and now teaches on our Apprenticeship Scheme here at the Goldsmiths’ Centre. Niall is a fellow of the IPG and has also judged the Setting section of the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council awards.

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