Branding: Building your brand personality and identity

18 Jan 2022 · 10:00AM - 1:00PM
£79 (20 places), recorded with 1 month access
Online via Zoom
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You invest considerable thought, time, and skill in designing your latest piece or collection to get it ‘just right’; so why shouldn’t you do the same with your branding?

As a designer or maker, it’s understandable if you feel happier working on your pieces than on your branding, but a successful jewellery or silversmithing business requires you to do both. The good news is that taking the time to define your personal brand will professionalise your image, making it easier to attract your target audience and generate sales.

Join branding consultant Cara Bendon who will guide you through the most important steps in branding, and help you understand how to apply them to your own business.

Our Branding course has been designed to help you create your brand from scratch, but it is also useful as a ‘health check’ if you aren’t entirely satisfied with your current branding. The course will take you through the necessary steps to build your brand personality and create your brand identity (including estimating costs and prioritising your budget). You will be provided with a branding template, which can be given to a graphic designer or agency, or kept as a point of reference for planning/implementing your future activity. We will be using existing jewellery and silversmithing brands as case studies - including your own brand if you are brave enough!

This online course will be accessible via the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for a full month after delivery. This will allow you to rewatch the content and improve your skills in your own time.

Branding: Building your brand personality and identity

Interview with tutor Cara Bendon

What will I learn?

This course has been specifically created for jewellers and silversmiths selling their own work primarily in the UK. It will help you understand what a personal brand is, why it matters and how to make decisions about your brand. This course will take the form of individual exercises and group work, and you will be provided with a branding template.

To further help you put the theory into practice, the course fee includes:

  • Branding template to help you plan/implement your branding
  • Selected Goldsmiths’ Company research findings around consumer types, preferences and what attracts them to a piece or brand
  • The ability to re-watch a recording of the session, as many times as you wish for one month after the course ends.

What key topics does the course cover?

  • What personal branding is and why it matters
  • When to invest in branding
  • Identifying and understanding your target market/ideal customer
  • Creating a logo that helps bring your brand to life
  • How to work with a graphic designer
  • Telling your story
  • Building brand credibility and authenticity

How do I access this online course?

The course will be delivered live on Zoom, so you will need reliable Internet access. You will enter the course (and can re-watch the recording) via the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s virtual learning environment, which works on any mainstream web browser, on computer, tablet, or smartphone device. One week before the course starts you will be emailed full details of how to access the course.

To get the most out of the course you will also need to have with you:

  • One or two pieces of your own work which best represents your design aesthetic
  • Examples of your existing branding if applicable (e.g. logo or business card)
  • An idea of your price range and ideal customer

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for people with no previous branding experience. It has been designed for jewellers or silversmiths who do not currently have a brand identity, or those who do have branding but feel it could be improved.

Who is the tutor?

Cara Bendon is a brand consultant with over 12 years’ experience working with brands ranging from household names such as The Times and Malmaison, to luxury fashion brands, and lesser-known jewellery brands such as Ellie Stickland and Veiled Rebel. Cara started her business in 2013 and is passionate about demystifying branding for small businesses.

She has delivered branding workshops and drop-in branding clinics to early stage start-ups at The Prince’s Trust, General Assembly, Kerb Street Food, The British Library and several co-working spaces, and the ‘Introduction to Branding’ session in the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Getting Started programme.