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CAD Workshops: Your questions answered

At the Goldsmiths' Centre we have a variety of 3D CAD courses including introductory courses and taster sessions throughout the year in partnership with Simply Rhino. If you are interested in finding out more about the courses and what you will learn if you attend one of them, here are some of the most FAQs answered by our partners at Simply Rhino.

How long does it take for someone with no prior knowledge to become a confident user? How much can they learn within the two-hour workshop?

This first question is always the trickiest one to answer with absolute certainty. With us all being individuals, we take on new subjects at different rates, some making swift progress others finding it more of a challenge.  Imagine learning to play a musical instrument. Mastering CAD could be a comparable challenge. With experience of other instruments (or in this case CAD software) and knowing how to read music (or in this case understanding the principles of how CAD tools work), you will need to practice and ideally have some professional guidance in order to master the subject. With the correct support we see people make significant progress over a few weeks.

On the second question, the two-hour workshop is designed as a taster session. You are taken through the process of modelling and sometimes rendering a single item of relative complexity.

Are employers looking for people with CAD design skills? Is this workshop going to help them find a job or improve the way they work in their business?

Employers are looking for people with CAD Design Skills right now. Actually people with CAD skills are in high demand. Professionals recognise the benefits of designing a piece using CAD software and mastering these skills can help students build their CV. Our courses are also suitable for working professionals who want to improve the productivity of their business. The workshops could act as the first step in the process of mastering CAD Modelling/Rendering.

Is it specifically designed for a specialty? Is it just for designers?

These sessions are designed to appeal to jewellers, designers, silversmiths, goldsmiths or anyone interested in learning how to use 3D CAD software to create photorealistic images of their designs before they start the manufacturing process. These sessions are delivered by an experienced Jewellery Designer/Maker and CAD Expert who will provide step by step guidance and explain all the different tools and libraries available.

Are participants working on their own designs or are they following one example led by the tutor? Is there time for questions after the workshop?

Participants model the single item of jewellery as described in the taster session notes. This could be deco earrings, an eternity ring or a pendant and therefore the items are different for each session. There is time allocated for Q&A following the sessions. Tailored One to One training is available separately from Simply Rhino, this can cover own design/project work to any level of complexity.

What makes Rhino Gold unique? Why is this tool better compared to other tools?

RhinoGold includes the already rich toolset of Rhino plus a high end rendering solution. This combination of technologies aimed specifically at the needs of the jeweller and at a low price is unique to RhinoGold.

We believe RhinoGold offers the best value CAD solution for jewellers. If you want to see the proof come along to one of our Taster Sessions and see for yourself!


Simply Rhino

Simply Rhino has delivered in-house jewellery specific training and support to both partners and students of the Goldsmiths’ Centre with many classes available to the UK trade, since 2012 and the Centre’s move to the fantastic new facilities in Farringdon. This partnership has allowed Simply Rhino’s certified trainers to meet and discuss strategies with many from the UK Jewellery and other trades; from first steps into CAD to advanced 3D modelling & rendering techniques, all within the impressive facilities at the Goldsmiths’ Centre.  

The Tutor- Rupert Todd

With a background from an early age in silversmithing, goldsmithing and jewellery techniques, Rupert uses Rhino with RhinoGold, V-Ray and Grasshopper.  Rupert trained in traditional precious metal smithing at Chesterfield College and Loughborough University before going on to a residency at Bishopsland Trust and the Goldsmiths’ Centre Postgraduate Programme. In addition to giving CAD training, Rupert uses 3D printing and CNC milling at Wax-Masters to create jewellery and silverware, and this real-world industry knowledge is carried through into training sessions.