Business Growth Programmes: Participant Charles Benoliel

The Goldsmiths' Centre is the leading provider of industry-focused technical skills training. Building on our ambition to give you the right tools to craft your business skills, we are now proud to be launching our specialised Business Growth courses and inspirational talks led by experts and industry practitioners. Charles Benoliel, Production Director of Design, Build, Cast shares how the Goldsmiths' Centre's Business Growth Programme has helped him improve his business skills.

Everything the Goldsmiths’ do seems to be quite selfless and it’s for the industry and it is for the individual within the industry.

"At Design Build Cast we are a 50% jewellery casting company and 50% jewellery production company. I’ve been trained through my career and also at university as a goldsmith and designer but when it comes to me running this company there are lots of things that I don’t know.

So, the Business Growth Programme helped me with the financial side and is helping me with all the other things that I don’t actually get access to in my day-to-day working and gives you access to the people who can advise you on the right way to do things. The most important thing I have learnt on the course is, pick your battles and work on a priority basis.

The Goldsmiths’ Centre are there for the individual and I suppose you say that a lot because of all the awards they do, the events they do, the building here in Farringdon, the centre to do with training; everything that the Goldsmiths’ Centre does seems to be quite selfless and it’s for the industry and it’s for the individual within the industry."

Want to craft your business skills? What’s On Next…

22 March 2018 – Grow Your Digital Business in 2018!

From understanding how to use social media to the power of online advertising and from creating the right video to augmented reality apps, join David Taylor for an easy-to-understand one-day workshop designed to help you negotiate our predominately digital landscape.

10 April 2018 - Defining Your Brand

Defining Your Brand: Emma Harris, former Eurostar Marketing Chief and Brand & People Consultant, leads a specialised one-day short course on how to develop a clear brand identity, that helps you to stand out from others in the industry, and gives you a decision-making lens for your business. 

17 April 2018 – Online and Offline Marketing

Join Emma Harris, former Eurostar Marketing Chief and Brand & People Consultant, for an effective one-day short course to gain invaluable insight on how to capitalise on the power of digital marketing, social media, PR and advertising.

19 April 2018 – Creative Links: Claire Adler & Valery Demure in Conversation

Luxury media consultant and writer, Claire Adler, is joined in conversation by by curator of extraordinary accessories and devoted talent spotter, Valery Demure. 

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