Brunch with the Director


Agas Harding Board Room


09-Mar-17 to 09-Mar-17

Opening Hours:

10am - 12pm, Free (incl brunch)

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Share your industry views on what commercial and leadership skills are needed to support the growth of businesses with the Director of the Goldsmiths’ Centre, Peter Taylor. Over brunch, you’ll have the chance to ask him and other members your questions as part of a relaxed table discussion. Register now

Can I register for this event?  

This is an exclusive event for up to nine members. As we expect high demand for this event, you’ll be informed two weeks ahead of the event whether you’ve received a place.

For this event we’re seeking individuals who have the potential and aspiration to become industry business leaders and who have been running their business for at least 3 years.

How often do these events happen?   

Keep an eye out for our bi-monthly Brunch with the Director events. These are themed around changing discussion topics and for different audiences, so register early to avoid disappointment.