The Next Generation: Learning from the Masters




05-Sep-17 to 12-Sep-17

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Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm

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This exhibition presents the learning journey of four outstanding young silversmiths who have completed the Goldsmiths’ Company’s Studio Internship Graduate Award: Dominic Simon, Hamish Dobbie, Errin Quinn and Patrick Davison.

SIGA was launched last year to train graduates (within 5 years of graduating) to become the next generation of artist silversmiths. Each silversmith has undertaken a 16 week internship with leading silversmiths including  Michael Lloyd, Rod Kelly, Rauni Higson, Clive Burr, Angus McFadyen, Emmett Smith and Ray Walton. The internships are composed of 8 weeks learning fundamental silversmithing skills and 8 weeks focusing on an applied skill such as engraving, chasing or enamelling. This exhibition demonstrates and celebrates the skills and techniques that have been passed on from the masters to young silversmiths.