06-Nov-17 to 20-Dec-17

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Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm, Free

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The Shine 2017 selling showcase turns the spotlight on new jewellery and silversmithing talent at the Goldsmiths’ Centre. It brings together the best up and coming jewellery brands and designer makers from across the UK.

This showcase introduces you to the designer brands which explore new ways of approaching craft and design. Their collections aim to inspire and delight; question and challenge and demonstrate true creativity and innovation.

Commission unique pieces in time for Christmas! Exhibited pieces are shown in display cabinets and cannot be opened, due to security reasons, during the show. Prices for the pieces can be obtained by contacting the individual makers below and purchased work can be collected in person after the exhibition has ended.

Contact this year’s exhibitors directly and commission something special:  

Rachel Butlin

Rachel Butlin, Spots and Lines Chopstick Brooch, walnut, oxidised silver

Rachel Butlin, a graduate from Nottingham Trent University, seeks to challenge the concepts of contemporary interactive jewellery producing a range of high end mixed material wearable pieces. Inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, and Japanese architecture, she creates small sculptures that focus on harmony, colour use, rhythm, placement and elegantly simple design, which evoke curiosity between the piece and the wearer themselves. 

W: www.rachelbutlin.com

E: Rachelbutlin93@gmail.com  

IG: @rachelbutlin93

Ely Yili Cao

Ely Yili Cao, Laughing Owl Glasses, Silver, Garnet, Silk, 4.5-5 Freshwater Pearl, Steel

Ely Yili Cao stitches the endangered craft of Xiang embroidery, one of the four most distinguished embroidery styles in China, into her eye-catching wearable pieces. From eyewear to rings, her collection Silk Menagerie features deceptively lifelike embroidery of endangered animals and fauna. Having just completed her BA at Central Saint Martins Ely is heading to the Royal College of Arts this month to complete her MA. Ely feels that it is her duty to be the guardian of this ancient craft, protecting it from modern technology – in the same way that we have a duty to protect endangered species.


E: ely.cao@hotmail.com

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson, Optical Pendant 2, sterling silver, stainless steel, silicone

Christine Johnson is an MA graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. Working predominately in silver, her collection Crossings explores the interplay of light and shadow, created by crossing lines and repetition. Optical effects are inherent in her designs and are produced either by physically moving an element or by changing position in relation to the piece.

W: www.christinejohnsonjewellery.com

E: christine@christinejohnsonjewellery.com

Alex O’Connor

 Alex O’Connor, Veer Vessel and Cups, sterling silver

Silversmith Alex O’Connorcreates elegant, sculptural, yet functional vessel forms. These potent objects are rich with themes and meanings – ritual, containment, reflection and metaphor. By merging ideas, form and technique, she creates silverware that is unadorned, but richly tactile, celebrating the material while attempting to evoke ephemeral sensations through metal.

W: www.alexoconnorsilver.co.uk

E: alexandro@hotmail.co.uk

IG: @movingmetal

Ami Victoria Pepper

Ami Pepper, Abandoned Homes, 9ct yellow gold rose cut diamond

Born in Pembrokeshire West Wales, Ami Peppertakes inspiration for her unique sculptural jewellery pieces from the intricate cluster formations of shells found on local beaches. Her jewellery is shaped like the shells washed ashore by the cycle of tides – abandoned homes that offer intricate textures, forms and tones. Meticulously hand carving, casting into metal and encrusted with stones, to form precious yet organiccompositions.

W: www.amipepper.com  

E: Ami.victoria.pepper@gmail.com

IG: @amipepperjewellery 

Victoria Radcliffe

Victoria Radcliffe, Whiskey on the Rocks, sterling silver, crystal glass tumbler

Silversmith Victoria Radcliffecreates bespoke contemporary, tactical pieces, which invite touch. A graduate from Sheffield Hallam University, her series On the Rocks is inspired by and designed around scenic mountain ranges. Her deep understanding of silversmithing has enabled her to experiment multiple techniques, creating bespoke pieces, which both surprise and elicit interaction. 

W: www.victoriaradcliffe.com

E: victoriaradcliffe.design@gmail.com

IG: victoriaradcliffe.design 

Stephanie Wills

Stephanie Wills,Concealed Pendant, sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold vermeil, 2016

Stephanie Wills makes kinetic jewellery adorned in repeating shapes and symmetrical forms that reveal hidden patterns and gemstones. Her jewellery collection, entitled Concealed Series, invites the wearer to be playful. Each elegant and intriguing piece can be customised and worn in different ways through simple adjustments and movements.

W: www.stephaniewillsjewellery.co.uk

E: steffwillsjewellery@outlook.com       

Aillie Anderson 

Aillie Anderson, Sterling Silver and Grey Jesmonite Bowl, Precious White Metal, Gritted Paint, Stainless Steel Pin 

Aillie Anderson is a Glasgow School of Art design graduate and is now based there as an Artist in Residence. Allie draws inspiration from the built environment and industrial brutalist structures found within the city. She explores these ideas using uniquely textured and then scored sterling silver forms alongside hand cast jesmonite to create sculptural statement jewellery and silverware.

W: www.aillieanderson.com

E: aillieanderson.silver@gmail.com

IG: @aillieanderson.silver

Mara Balode

Mara Balode, Vanishing in the Sunlight Necklace, Acrylic, UV resin, nylon thread, magnets 

Mara Balode is a Jewellery Artist and Maker. Her inspiration and influences include exploring the relationship between light and shadow. She achieves movement by weaving together small details with nylon tread. These details contain imagery from photographs and are juxtaposed with transparent, translucent and opaque materials.

W: www.marabalode.com

E: marabalode1@gmail.com

Elena Bonanomi

Elena Bonamomi, Gold Heart Pendant, Pearl Earrings, Silver, black rhodium plated silver and gold 

Elena Bonanomi designer maker who recently graduated from Central Saint Martins. She makes fine and precious jewellery that reflect her love of detail and she imbues her pieces with preciseness and patience. Through her work she intends to combine tradition and innovation to give her work an unexpected twist. 

W: www.elenalarabonanomi.com

E: elena.lara.bonanomi@gmail.com


Lydia Burrows

Lydia Burrows, Lunar Earrings, Silver  

Lydia Burrows is an aspiring designer-maker based in Suffolk. Inspired by the night’s sky and Art Deco era, each piece has a blend of both geometric and subtle beauty.

W: www.lydiaburrows.co.uk

 E: lydiaburrowsjewellery@gmail.com

Rebecca Burt

Rebecca Burt, Shiver Brooch, Sterling Silver, 18ct yellow Gold, green sapphires and alexandrite 

Rebecca Burt has recently graduated from the Manchester School of Art. She is a surface driven jewellery designer/maker, creating organic pieces informed by her curiosity with nature. She utilises a background in textiles to build abstractions of the natural world she sees around her, building up surfaces much as you would embellish a piece of fabric.

W: www.instagram.com/rebeccaburtjewellery

E: Rebecca.louise.burt@outlook.com

IG: @rebeccaburtjewellery

Megan Chiles

Megan Chiles, Large Vase, Brass Silver Plated, Brass Silver Plated  

Megan Chiles is a design graduate based in Glasgow. She uses a combination of digital tools and hand-making techniques to explore the infinite possibilities of geometric forms; working in layered cut paper and silver to create intricate and playful items of jewellery. 

W: www.megchiles.wixsite.com/megchiles

E: megchiles@icloud.com 

Isla Christie

Isla Christie, Digital Icons, Silver, Waterproof paper, Acrylic 

Isla Christie is a jeweller who recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art. She makes contemporary fashion jewellery, in bold colours and minimalist forms, using intricate metal working techniques. Isla’s collection consists of an array of interchangeable and kinetic earrings and pins made from silver and layered paper.

W: www.islachristie.co.uk

E: isla.christie@live.co.uk

IG: @isla.christie

Holly Clifford

Holly Clifford, Botanical Gemstones Statement Earrings, Eco-resin paint, Silver  

Holly is an Art Jeweller designer/maker, crafting pieces of wearable art celebrating the curious attraction we have to plants, places and the natural world. She combines traditional skills with modern making techniques, to develop innovative collections of work. Drawing and painting are integral to her creative process, incorporating them into the final outcomes.

W: www.hollysuzannaclifford.com

E: holly.clifford@live.co.uk

IG: @holly­_suzanna_clifford

Ella Fearon-Low

Ella Fearon-Low, Cloud Brooch with Golden Drop, 22 Carat Gold Plated Brass and Silver Steel, Lucite, Vintage Pearls 

Artist jeweller Ella Fearon-Low uses a contemporary palette of materials to create work with a strong aesthetic that is both sophisticated and playful. Her jewellery references fine art, historical motifs and natural forms. Ella studied at Morley College, and now develops small collections and one-off pieces in her London studio.

W: www.ellafearonlow.co.uk 

E: ella@ellafearonlow.co.uk

IG: @ellafearonlow

Kristina Ferenchuk

Kristina Ferenchuk, Cat's Eye Nebula Ring, Sterling Silver, Iolite, Citrine 

Kristina Ferenchuk has recently completed a BA in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins. She is driven by love for detail and small structures and creates hand crafted pieces from precious materials. The pieces in her ‘Nebula’ collection is a reflection of the mystery of the universe, and how Kristina imagines the movement of cosmic objects. Whether the pieces are on or off the body, she wants the wearer to experience them, and engage in the process of playful creation.

W: www.kristinaferenchuk.com

E: kristina.ferenchuk@gmail.com

IG: @kristinaferenchukjewellery 

Antonello Figlia

Antonello Figlia, Chain Pendant, Silver, Sapphire, Aquamarine 

Antonello Figlia is a London based jewellery designer inspired by Optical illusions, Geometry and Architecture. In his latest collection, she combines his interest in photography, using pictures taken of the view from the city and the landmarks that surround it, with the aim to transform a 2D media into a more three-dimensional piece. To achieve this, he uses traditional as well as well as innovative techniques creating jewellery pieces, which are unique and evocative in nature.

W: www.antonellofiglia.com

E: info@antonellofiglia.com

IG: @antonello_figilia

Andrew Fleming 

Andrew Fleming, Ladles, Sterling Silver 

Andrew explores the subject of silversmithing and its relationship to the built environment. Having studied architecture, he is fascinated by construction processes. Focusing on simple linear forms inspired by the structures around him and using a mix of both precious metals with non-precious metals, he creates fascinating contemporary pieces of silverware.

W: www.andrewflemingsilversmith.com

E: andrewflemingsilversmith@gmail.com

IG: @afsilversmith

Naomi Hallam

Naomi Hallam, Midnight Empress Ring, Silver Labradorite

In 2016 Naomi Hallam graduated from Plymouth University with a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery making. She uses a technique called art of granulation to create fine, traditional silver and gold jewellery that is accessible to a wide audience.

W: www.niijewellery.com

E: Hallam.naomi@gmail.com

IG:  @naomiisabellajewellery

Emily Higham

Emily Higham, Small Rectangle Earrings with wire in Black and Gold 

Emily Higham is a designer maker who recently graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art and makes contemporary silver and enamel jewellery. With a love of colour and surface pattern, she uses the technique and process of enamelling to translate these elements onto metal, creating aesthetical, organic and characteristic jewellery pieces.

W: www.emilyhighamjewellery.com

IG: @emilyhighamjewellery

E: emilyhigham94@hotmail.co.uk

Ambrim Howell

 Ambrim Howell, Gold Bar, Gold Plated Gilded Metal 

Ambrim Howell recently graduated from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. She works primarily with metals to create unlikely jewellery and curious ornaments. Through working with metal, she has been able to explore innovative ideas that blur the boundaries between sculpture and jewellery.

E: ambrin@ambrin.co.uk

W: www.ambrin.co.uk

IG: @littlemissmidas

Dominika Kupcova

Dominika Kupcova, Infinity Brooch, precious white and yellow metal 

Dominika Kupcova is a jewellery designer maker. Her work isvisually-driven, focusing on the production of a large variety of unique, complex forms inspired by the DNA double helix and testing outcome. Dominika makes wearable complex sculptures by seamlessly combining precious metals with non-precious materials of laser cut card and spray paint. Her pieces use a variety of processes, including hand techniques of metal work and hand-forming of the three-dimensional structures, alongside more modern, manufacturing processes such as laser cutting.

W: www.dominikakupcovajewellery.com

E: dominikakupcova94@gmail.com

IG: @dominica.kupcova

Catherine McGinty

Catherine McGinty, Cubes in Chaos Ring, Silver, Grey Diamonds 

Catherine is a London-based emerging contemporary designer-maker, committed to quality design, technical excellence and craftsmanship. Creating pieces with architectural ambition and sculptural form, she is shape-obsessed, drawing inspiration from repetitive elements in the built environment and the unusual cubic structures found in Pyrite.

W: www.instagram.com/catmacjewellery

E: catmacjewellery@gmail.com

Adrienn Pesti

 Adrienn Pesti, 'Spectrum B' bangle, Steel, white board enamel, silk clay 

Jeweller Adrienn Pesti is a designer maker who recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art. She creates brightly coloured pieces and unique textures that appeal to the senses. This is driven by her interest in how jewellery can act as object to prompt social interactions through curiosity.

W: www.adriennpesti.com

E: adriennpestijewellery@gmail.com

IG: @adriennpesti_design

Naomi Scott

Naomi Scott, Inflection Vessel, Britannia silver 

Naomi Scott is a designer maker who is working as both a silversmith and a jeweller. Neoclassical sculpture plays a big part in her work and she focuses on the drapery worn, the folds, how garments fall and various carving depths.

E: naomi.a.scott@gmail.com

W: www.naomiscott.co.uk

Shuming Chen

 Shuming Chen, Monitoring in the Dark, Gold-plated, Optical acrylic, Latex Fabric, Mahogany 

Shuming Chen describes herself as a maker and a dreamer. She attempts to combine daily life with futuristic science technology by creating functional eyepieces that stimulate the compound of insect eyes. Her latest collection, ‘Monitoring in the Dark’ is an exploration of society’s increasing surveillance and lack of human freedom.

W: www.shumingcchen.wixsite.com/jewellery

E: Shuming_chen@live.com

Leszek Sikoń

Leszek Sikoń, Sycamore Knives, 1095 and 15N20 Steel  

Leszek Sikoń is an Artist Blacksmith, who specialises in hand-forged knives and custom objects. By combining modern design and traditional techniques he strives to create various objects, from knives to art pieces, that tell a story and become precious to its owner.

W: www.lsikonblacksmith.com

E: leszek.sikon@gmail.com

IG: @lsikonblacksmith.com

Paula Alison Sloan 

Paula Alison Sloan, Gemset 17 Cocktail Ring, Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Tourmaline, Sapphire, Champagne Diamonds 

Paula Sloan is a designer/maker who draws inspiration from the patterns and shapes found in nature. A recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, she currently divides her time between Orkney where she works for a jewellery manufacturer and Glasgow, where she undertakes freelance CAD Design and commissions.

W: www.psjewellerydesign.co.uk

E: psjewellerydesign@yahoo.co.uk

IG: @psjewellerydesign

Paul Smith

 Paul Smith, Silver Bortyoid Vessel, Sterling Silver & mokume gane 

Paul Smith is a silversmith and jeweller specialising in 'mokume gane' and mixed metal pieces. Mokume gane is a seventeenth century Japanese technique, which involves patterning fused layers of contrasting coloured metals. His current work incorporates digital technologies into this venerable process and he aspires to conceive new and innovative patterns.

W: paulalexandersilversmith.co.uk

E: info@paulalexandersilversmith.co.uk

IG: @paulsilversmith

Timon Eiedi Tio 

Timon Tio, DeLuce Collection, Chain Bracelet, 3D printed nylon and silver  

Timon Tio is a Birmingham based Brazilian jewellery designer with a background in Industrial Design and a BA in Design for Industry at Birmingham City University. His current work explores different 3D printing techniques and serial manufacturing understanding, interpreting conventional themes with unusual materials to create thought provoking yet wearable pieces. 

W: www.timoneidi.wixsite.com/timon

E: timon_eidi@hotmail.com

Anna Tuhus

 Anna Tuhus, 'A Stone's Throw 01', Marble from Valencia, precious white metal, silk cord. 

Anna Tuhus is a designer and maker of jewellery and other things that touches people, from ornaments and interactive objects to installations. Now London-based, she was born in Sweden and graduated from the BA Jewellery Design Programme at Central Saint Martins in 2017.

W: www.cargocollective.com/annatuhus

E: annatuhus@gmail.com

IG: @ anna_the_assassin

Sally Vanderpump

 Sally Vanderpump, 'Cut Through the Clouds Rings', Silver and gold-plated silver

Sally Vanderpump's organic and experimental Radiance collection is inspired by the beauty of the sky. Including ice-cast pendants and wax-carved rings, her work is spontaneous and bold. A former journalist, this is her first collection since graduating from a diploma at Vannetta Seecharran School of Jewellery. 

W: www.sallyvanderpump.com 

E: info@sallyvanderpump.com

IG: @sallyvanderpump

Rosie Wesley

 Rosie Wesley, Ashurst in Silver, Sterling Silver 

Rosie Wesley is a metalwork designer-maker whose sculptural works are individual, site-responsive pieces to locations within the New Forest, where she grew up. Using direct casting techniques to create dynamic textural forms, each piece reflects on Rosie's personal interactions with natural spaces.

W: www.rosiewesley.com

E: wesley_rosie@yahoo.co.uk

IG: @explorecreaterosie