Engraving with Air Tools


Experimental Workshop




9.30am – 4.30pm, £199

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Want to develop your hand engraving skills? This one day short course will show you how to best use air-driven tools to push through the metal’s surface. Under expert tuition from award-winning goldsmith Harry Forster-Stringer, learn how to speed up the lengthy process of hand engraving, develop muscle memory and control using traditional techniques. The course is designed to build your confidence with equipment as well as progress your ability and skills at pace.

The course aims to introduce you to the use of air gravers as a tool to quickly develop engraving capacity and ability. Ideal for beginners and intermediate learners. Key topics covered include:

  • Setting up your work bench
  • Preparation of tools (including tool sharpening)
  • Designs preparation for engraving
  • How to ready art work for transfer onto metals
  • Preparation of metals for engraving
  • A range of techniques for transferring designs onto metals
  • To see the tools in operation and gain practical experience of using the tools whilst under supervision and with expert guidance

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