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The Goldsmiths' Centre blog lifts the curtain on our dynamic events, exhibitions and professional training programmes. Discover the ideas, people and exhibits that shape this unique charity. 

Shine 2017: Silversmith Victoria Radcliffe


Emerging silversmith Victoria Radcliffe will be exhibiting in our annual selling showcase Shine 2017 at the Goldsmiths' Centre. We chatted to Victoria to find out more about the meaning behind her collection, her techniques and the Kickstarter campaign she has launched to get her into a new kitted o…
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SPOTLIGHT: Studio Internship Graduate Award Winners


To celebrate the outstanding work by winners of the Studio Internship Graduate Award (SIGA), the Goldsmiths’ Centre presents the Next Generation: Learning from the Masters exhibition. Open until Tuesday 12th September 2017, the exhibition shows the journey made by the young silversmiths involved; Do…
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