Made in Clerkenwell 2015

by: Alex Tosto, Victoria von Stein, Myia Bonner, Susan Lewis, David McLoughlin, Mireia Rossell, Charlotte Dew, Louisa Pacifico, Paula Mendes


One of the biggest craft fairs in the UK, Made in Clerkenwell is taking place from 26th to 29th November. Explore 3 buildings full of handmade jewellery, ceramics, printmaking and more in the heart of Clerkenwell and find the perfect Christmas gifts.


This year Craft Central has partnered up with the Goldsmiths' Centre to present over 150 designers and invite visitors to meet some of the best UK craftspeople and take a look behind the scenes in the studios where they work.  Free admission! Pre-register here 

Alex Tosto

 2.Alex Tosto cufflin.jpg   1. Alex Tosto bangle metam.jpg

Honeycomb Dream cufflinks and Metamorphosis Cuff by Alex Tosto

Alex Tosto is an award-winning designer and studio resident at the Goldsmiths’ Centre. Her interest in Quantum Theory serves as a source of inspiration for her designs while being fascinated by the richness of colours and forms in nature, she incorporates natural patterns and elements in her work. Experimentation with different materials is part of her creative process and her pieces are characterised by visual geometric rhythm or physical movement, inviting the wearer to interact with the piece.


We asked Alex: What do you enjoy most about taking part in Made in Clerkenwell?

"The thing I love the most about 'Made in Clerkenwell' is the buzzing atmosphere, friendly both between exhibitors and public. The standard is very high and there are many disciplines from ceramic, to handmade, beautifully crafted, leather bags, paintings, accessories for the home and, of course, Jewellery. It’s worth a visit!”

If you want to find out more about Alex and her work visit


Victoria von Stein

 Alappuzha_drop_earrings_.jpg   1.Victoria Von  Stein - LILY ring.jpeg

Alappuzha Drop Earrings and Lily Wrap Ring by Victoria von Stein

One of the current members of our Setting Out course, Victoria von Stein is the designer and maker behind Riverlight, a brand that offers contemporary, fine fashion jewellery with organic elegance. Victoria finds inspiration in nature, decorative objects and different cultures and her designs are influenced by her European upbringing. Valuing originality and high quality, Victoria creates traditionally handcrafted collections for the modern woman who is looking for unique fine jewellery.


We asked Victoria: As a first time exhibitor, can you tell us what you are looking forward to? 

“First of all, I’m very happy to have been selected to exhibit at Made in Clerkenwell and to showcase my work in this beautiful well curated gallery space, here at the Centre! I look forward to officially launching my new jewellery collection inspired by luscious green Kerala and sharing my story with a wider audience. It’ll be a pleasure to meet new customers that also value craftsmanship, quality, uniqueness and all things Jewellery & Travel! Besides, it’s also a great opportunity to meet other talented designer makers and talk about our inspirations and beautiful creations.”

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Myia Bonner

 Myia Bonner Jewellery.jpg   Myia Bonner Jewellery 2.jpg

Brilliant collection by Myia Bonner

Myia Bonner is a London based designer-maker with a studio at Craft Central who combines cutting edge technologies with traditional techniques to create fine jewellery of uncompromising quality and innovative design. Shortlisted for New Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards, Myia designs striking contemporary jewellery with emphasis on high quality. Myia’s collections are defined by graphic precision and a distinctive geometric style while reinterpreting the traditions within her craft for a modern audience.


We asked Myia: Why do you think events like Made in Clerkenwell are important for designer-makers?

“Made in Clerkenwell is a great way to showcase the talent housed within the buildings of Craft Central and The Goldsmith's Centre, and helps to highlight the importance of craft within Clerkenwell. The rarity of seeing what goes on behind closed doors intrigues visitors from near and far.”

Find out more about Myia and her work by visiting her website


Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis Jewellery S1High_1.jpg   Susan Lewis Jewellery SL10_1.jpg

Rubellite rings by Susan Lewis - Images by Juliet Sheath

Susan Lewis is a jewellery designer and maker based at Craft Central. She is inspired by the properties, behaviours and colours of the materials available to the jeweller and she works in both silver and high carat golds, often combining the two, with the addition of discreet diamonds and colourful precious and semi-precious gemstones. Her attention to detail and uniqueness of her pieces due to limited availability of the stones used, make her pieces original and distinctive to be worn often and enjoyed.


We asked Susan: What do you think makes the ideal Christmas present?

"The ideal Christmas present should invoke surprise and joy when opened.........then continue to give immense pleasure."

For more information about Susan and her collections visit


David McLoughlin

 David McLoughlin  Jewellery.jpg    David McLoughlin  Jewellery wedding rings.jpg

Wedding bands and engagement rings by David McLoughlin

David McLoughlin has over 30 years of experience in jewellery design and making as well as restoring and he works from his studio based at Craft Central. Combining his extensive experience with advanced goldsmithing skills, David creates a wide range of pieces including collections using precious metals and gemstones reclamation techniques. In 2011 David wrote a book about the art of jewellery design and making titled ‘Jewellery Solutions’ that was published both in Europe and America and was also translated into French.


We asked David: What do you think makes the ideal Christmas present?

“Making someone happy "

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Mireia Rossell

 mireiarossell-radialbracelet-3.jpg   mireiarossell-spherering-3.jpg

Sphere Ring - LISSOM collection by Mireia Rossell

Mireia Rossell is a jewellery designer and maker with a focus on simplicity and originality. The flexible nature of her work in combination with the use of two-dimensional materials allow the wearer to interact with the pieces and give them form. Mireia is inspired by the dynamic properties of materials to create a collection of rings and bracelets in silver and gold that can be worn in different positions based on the user's imagination.


We asked Mireia: What do you think makes the ideal Christmas present?

I think the ideal Christmas present gives the recipient the feeling of being amazed and surprised. It should give them the same feeling they had when they opened the present on Christmas Day, every time time they use it.

For more information about Mireia and her collections visit


Charlotte Dew - Curator at the Goldsmiths’ Centre

Made in Clerkewell provides an exciting opportunity for designer-makers to meet new buyers for their work, and to invite existing clients to see their latest products and ideas. For visitors, it supports a growing public interest in understanding where the things we buy come from as well as creating an opportunity to gain an insight into the making process and its motivations.

Louisa Pacifico - Chief Executive at Craft Central

“Made in Clerkenwell offers visitors the chance to buy handmade unique items directly from skilled designer-makers. By visiting and purchasing, the consumer will help keep the tradition of craftsmanship alive in Clerkenwell - an area which has historically welcomed these trades.”


Paula Mendes - Catering General Manager at the Bench Café

bench cafe 1.jpg   Bench_cafe_Lo_Res.jpg

“Whatever the time of day, the need for food creates the chance to connect. It’s not simply about providing lunch; it’s about making the most of an opportunity to bring people together to make them happier, healthier, more productive and to encourage them to collaborate.

Our ethos is founded on the principle of gathering great food and ideas for people to gather together and enjoy. The foundation for this is our menus that use good quality, fresh, simple, seasonal and hand crafted food and speciality coffee.

During the Made in Clerkenwell exhibition we’ll be doing a special offer for all ticket holders: Visit our café Bench with your ticket and enjoy a hot drink or meal with a 10% discount. Special Christmas offers include Mulled Wine and a Mince Pie for £4.50 as well as Hot Cider for a special price.”