Getting Started Participants- Part 2

by: Isabel Keim


Every year 30 young and talented jewellery designer-makers receive a one week free training and mentorship on how to start their own business from marketing to managing cash flow and exhibiting in shows. A selection of their work will be on display at the Goldsmiths’ Centre from 11-13 January.


Get to know this year’s participants and spot the new rising talents of the industry. Below are 15 of the participants.

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Ieva Mikutaite

Bracelet1_from_Articulation_collection - Mikutaite Ieva.jpg  Bracelet2_from_Articulation_collection - Mikutaite Ieva.jpg

Ieva Mikutaite is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and the 2015 winner of the New Designers Goldsmiths’ Company Award for Jewellery. Her most recent work is inspired by dandelion seeds. Ieva received a gift of dandelion seeds for her birthday from her father and her family and friends have given her plant seeds ever since, which she incorporates into her pieces. She also loves exploring kinetics sand incorporating movement, transformation, repetition and multiplication into her pieces.

Trudy Miller

Scart - Miller Trudy.jpg  stickle_ring - Miller Trudy.jpg

Trudy Miller reimagines retro toy classics, seeking to repurpose the fun and interaction held within collected pieces from forgotten time. Limited Editions is a collection of wearable nostalgia cast into precious metal and encasing precious memory. She just finished her studies at Middlesex University in Jewellery and has gained practical experience by working in different jewellery companies. 

Naomi Nevill

Naomi_lizard_necklace_9_12_14-3 - Nevill  Naomi.jpg  Naomi_lizard_necklace_9_12_14-4 - Nevill  Naomi.jpg

Naomi Nevill graduated from University for the Creative Arts Rochester in 2014 and currently works for prestigious fine jeweller Luke Goldsmith in his workshop in Canterbury. She creates highly skilled and beautifully crafted enamelled jewellery using traditional practices such as engraving and repousse. Her inspiration comes from nature, from the beautiful form of a honeycomb to animal prints such as lizard scales or bird feathers.

Annelisse Pfeifer

Provocative - Pfeiffer Anna.jpg  Summer walks with you in the Jewellery Quarter - Pfeiffer Anna.jpg

Annelisse Pfeifer sees the extraordinary in what others consider ordinary. She finds inspiration in different cultures, everyday objects and memories and she transforms and manipulates materials to convey a feeling, idea or concept depending on her current concerns. She is interested in the techniques involved in making and has incorporated photography and drawing as crucial parts of her creative process. Through jewellery she researches and questions how individuals perceive the world around them as well as the value attributed to objects.

Kriistina Ploom

2) Neckpiece - Ploom Kristiina.jpg  1) Fruit bowl - Ploom Kristiina.jpg

Kriistina Ploom is an emerging designer-maker of contemporary one-off jewellery. Using precious metals alongside with mixed media, starting from casted and coldworked glass pieces to deliver paperclay, she creates striking large scale pieces, drawing inspiration from urban surroundings and modern architecture. Her sculptural, angular, geometrical pieces are designed for occasional wear and photoshoots. Kriistina is a 2015 graduate of the University of Brighton.

 Victoria Radcliffe

Piece #1 Reef -Radcliffe Victoria Elizabeth.jpg  Piece #2 Verge -Radcliffe Victoria Elizabeth.jpg

Victoria Radcliffe is a recent graduate from Sheffield Hallam University having studied Jewellery and Metalwork. A trained silversmith she enjoys the many challenges that accompany the process of making. In 2013 she received a placement at British Silverware Ltd, where she learnt how to apply traditional techniques on contemporary design. She is now an occupant of a Starter Studio at Yorkshire Artspace where she continues to push her practice and designs. She is interested in creating tactile pieces which invite touch instead of repelling it, the inspiration for her latest collection has come from rock climbing.

Saadiqah Rahman

The Lure  - Rahman Saadiqah.jpg  Second-generation freedoms - Rahman Saadiqah.jpg

Saadiqah Rahman is an independent designer and maker based in East London. With a background in 3D design, her approach to jewellery is naturally industrial and unorthodox – everything is designed around the qualities of the material. Forms are clean, self assured and gracefully balanced. Saadiqah completed her studies at Camberwell College of Arts in 2011.

Emma-Jane Rule

PricklesPlatter - Rule Emma.jpg  PricklesPods  - Rule Emma.jpg

Emma-Jane Rule is a silversmith who uses the technique of foldforming alongside other traditional metalworking practices such as hammer forming and hand raising. Her work explores the malleable and intriguing natures of silver and copper. The results are organic and tactile, interesting and precious three dimensional forms, reflecting the undulating lines of rhythms found in the natural world.

Hannah Grace Ryan

Work (6)  - Ryan Hannah.jpg  Design (5) - Ryan Hannah.jpg

Hannah Grace Ryan is a Scottish jewellery designer maker based in Glasgow and founder of Glasgow based group, The Garnet Collective. Hannah’s work focuses on marrying historic stories with beautiful compositions inspired by her archaeologist mother and amateur photographer father. She is fascinated with the practice of creating reliquaries and aims to reimagine objects developing a modern take on this ancient tradition by combining the ancient technique of silver granulation with modern technologies. Hannah graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2014.

Davina Simpson

Alpine Lake Ring - Simpson Davina Joy.jpg  Alpen Rose ring - Simpson Davina Joy.jpg

Davina Simpson completed her studies at University for the Creative Arts Rochester. Her jewellery in inspired by the natural landscape such as mountain ranges and glacial lakes. The differing unusual cuts and colours of rock formations, lake, flow and fauna found on mountains are reflected in her ring collection. Using unusually cut and coloured gemstones, she reveals and exposes their facets in rings that are asymmetrical in setting and/or in the shape of the band.

Marina Skia

Black Waves Necklace - Skia Marina.jpg  Black Waves Blacelet - Skia Marina.jpg

Marina Skia first discovered the art of jewellery-making while working for fashion publications in Athens. What started as a hobby soon turned into passion which led her to study jewellery-making first in Athens and then London. She got her Masters in Jewellery Design from Sir John Cass Department of Art, Architecture and Design. Her work is inspired by forms, structures and textures found in nature and architecture. The pieces are characterised by bold but fluid forms, strong, clean lines and minimal decoration. For the realisation of the work she employs traditional jewellery making skills and contemporary technologies such as laser cutting and 3-D printing.

Kirsty Stewart

Flying too Close to the Sun Ring - Stewart Kirsty.jpg  Birds Nest Bangle - Stewart Kirsty.jpg

Kirsty Stewart graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013. In 2013/14 she joined the Vanilla Ink Programme in Dundee, receiving business support, mentoring and workspace. Kirsty is influenced primarily by nature and in particular her surroundings in the Fife countryside. Her jewellery picks up on the shapes, patterns and textures found in plants, shells and birds, which she translates using a combination of silver, perspex and semi-precious stones.

Milena Vizuete

LargePyrtieNecklaceA4 - Vizuete Milena.jpg  SpanishHoopPyriteA4 - Vizuete Milena.jpg

Milena Vizuete is originally from France and received an Extended Diploma in Jewellery: Art and Design from the School of Jewellery in Birmingham in 2015. Her work is very experimental, trying out different techniques and combining them to produce unique and thought provoking jewellery. Inspiration for her work comes from many different aspects of life, interpreting and reflecting on themes to transform them into often quirky final pieces.

Beatrice Wall

Foxy, Piece #1- Wall Beatrice.jpg  Moose #piece 2 - Wall Beatrice.jpg

Beatrice Wall is a contemporary sculptor from the North West of England, who thrives on the unpredictable responses of materials, especially copper and enamel. She always has had a love for beetles and enjoys making these out of copper and enamel. Inspired by collections of beetles, she explores how they correspond with each other, tell a story and imbues them with different characteristics evoking reactions from viewers.

Karen Westland

 Fragmented Bowls - Westland, Karen.jpg Molecular Cloud Brooch - Westland, Karen.jpg

Karen Westland works with traditional techniques and technologies creating refined silverware and jewellery using 100% recycled precious metals and other responsibly sourced materials. Her work is inspired by ‘tools’ built in order to explore outer space and reveals the relationship with the universe, questions of time and our existence. Karen won The Goldsmiths’ Company’s Precious Metal Bursary in 2014.


Do you want to see the pieces in person? Visit our Getting Started Showcase from 11-13 January.