Getting Started Participants- Part 1

by: Isabel Keim


For over 35 years, the business development course Getting Started has helped up to 30 young graduate jewellers and silversmiths to kick start their creative careers and businesses. The free course is funded by the Goldsmiths’ Company and is delivered by and at the Goldsmiths’ Centre in Clerkenwell.


With their New Year’s resolutions firmly in mind, those participating take part in an intensive introductory week of workshops, seminars and talks by leading industry experts – covering all topics from tips on how to develop successful careers, pricing, building portfolios of work, PR, website design to social media.

So who are this year’s talented Getting Started participants? Keep an eye out for their work on show from Mon 11 to Wed 13 January 2016 as part of the free Getting Started Showcase at the Goldsmiths’ Centre.


Natalia Antunovity

The Play Element Dragonfly pattern ring- Antunovity Natalia.jpg  The Play Element Dragonfly pattern pendant- Antunovity Natalia.jpg

Natalia Antunovity is an award-winning Hungarian jewellery designer and maker. A recent graduate of Birmingham City University, she won numerous awards in 2015, including the Cookson Precious Metal Technology Award and Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Commendation Award in 2D CAD Presentation. Lines, shapes, objects and specific environments spotted on her travels inspire her work. She combines these elements with visual contemporary Art to create unique hand-made pieces and uses both traditional and 3D techniques to achieve complex designs.


Emily Bedford

chain done11- Bedford Emily.jpg  frida- Bedford Emily.jpg

Emily Bedford launched her jewellery brand in 2005 and graduated from Sir John Cass and Citylit (City and Guilds) in 2013. Predominately a self-taught jeweller, she is now based at Craft Central where she creates collections displaying a natural fluidity and imagination, which are routed in her years of dance training. All pieces demonstrate an organic quality and carry the signature of the maker as handmaking skills breath life into the work and establish a strong connection to the making process.


Rebecca Sarah Black

SELKIES TREASURES HIGH RES - Black Rebecca Sarah.jpg  LUNAN CLUSTER - HIGH RES - Black Rebecca Sarah.jpg

Rebecca Sarah Black is a Scottish contemporary jewellery designer and bone smith based in Edinbrugh. A 2014 graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, she creates statement, sculptural and wearable jewellery. Her work invokes a sense of place in the wearer and is inspired by our constant struggle with identity, the harsh landscape of the coastline and traditional Scottish folklore.


Hoonik Chang

Evening Bracelet - Chang Hoonik.jpg  Evening Rings- Chang Hoonik.jpg

Honnik Chang graduates from Central St Martins to go on to win the E.C One Unsigned competition award in 2015. His degree collection imagines a fictional princess whose repertoire of jewellery bridges the gap between contemporary luxury fashion and Korean custom. Each highly detailed piece is imbued with references to Korean culture in a rich multi-coloured palette using only most precious materials usually reserved for royalty – gemstones, yellow gold and silk.


Roisin Conolly


Roisin Conolly creates contemporary jewellery inspired by photographs of her local surroundings. A 2011 graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee, she is based in Edinburgh and uses refined photo etching technique paying homage to dark room photography. The resulting pieces are feminine, wearable and tactile accessories to last a lifetime. Her work has been featured in Plog Magazine, Fake Magazine and on She prides herself on creating all her work by hand and endeavours to explore new techniques for future collections.


Leonid Dementiev

rsz_eternity_bracelet.jpg  rsz_cloak_rings.jpg

Leonid Dementiev graduated from Central St Martins in 2014 and immediately started to exhibit his work in London. His Beauty of Energy collection was especially chosen by an internationally artist and Amsterdam gallery owner for the ArtHampton in New New and the Affordable Arts Fair in Amsterdam. His passion for innovation in material and strong belief in ‘responsible design’ motivate his work. He continues to explore the juxtaposition of the natural and the industrial forms and materials through his work.


Caroline Draper

Jali Pearl Pendent -  - Draper Caroline.jpg  Jali Pearl Brooch - Draper Caroline.jpg

Caroline Draper is a designer maker working off her benches in Lincolnshire and Delhi, India. Having completed her studies at Lincoln University in 2015, Caroline draws on her experiences in India - a fascination with the geometry and symmetry of the Jali pattern in the architecture of Rajasthan that influence her design processes. Her sensitive use of colour within all aspects of her jewellery enables her to produce tactile pieces, which are both evocative and sensory.


Silke Espinet

Madme Butterfly Ring A4 300 dpi - Espinet Silke.jpg  Palette Ring Gold A4 300 dpi - Espinet Silke.jpg

Silke Espinet graduated from Sir John Cass Department of Art in 2012 and is based at the Centrepunch studios in London. Her award-winning work takes inspiration from the arts and opera, but also nature and Tai Chi. She uses techniques such as enamelling, photo etching, sculpting and casting to make bold, beautifully crafted and fun jewellery. She loves artistically challenging work like her Madame Butterfly Ring, which functions as a funky intricate cocktail ring, as well as a small piece of art. Her ‘Palette Ring’ design won The Goldsmiths’ Company Precious Metal Bursary in 2012 and she exhibited in 2012 at New Designers.


Nicholas John Faill

GEORGE - Faill Nicholas.jpg  GUTHRIE MUNRO - Faill Nicholas.jpg

Nicholas John Faill is a silversmith who graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2015. As a designer maker, he is interested in the space between silversmithing and objects. Nicolas is inspired by digital techniques and how these can be used as a tool to create something handmade. It is this combination of digital and handmade, that he finds both fascinating and challenging at times.


Sian Greening

Dark pink circle brooch,Silk Skylines collection - Greening Sian.jpg  Purple Brooch, Silk Skylines collection - Greening Sian.jpg

Sian Greening completed her studies at the School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University and is based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Her work is inspired by the environment around her, geometrical shapes and the very materials she works with. Her love for textiles led her to create ‘masculine fabric’ using fine silk and cotton threads woven into mesh and metal. She has further explored the influence of genders on design by using architecture, particularly skylines, and everyday objects as inspiration for creating brightly coloured and geometrically patterned ‘feminine fabric’.


Beau Han Xu

SPLASH bracelet- Beau Han Xu.jpg  SPLASH necklace -Beau Han Xu.jpg

Beau Han Xu is an internationally renowned Royal College of Art graduate. Inspired by the Natural the Ethereal, he is driven by the desire to freeze frame inspirational moments in time in his creations: a raindrop’s splash or the subtleties of light playing on light. In 2014 he was awarded first prize in a fine jewellery design competition initiated by Susannah Lovis, Burlington Arcade as well as being selected as one of the finalists for the International Talent Support Competition (ITS).


Ben Hawkins

 Ben Hawkins 2.jpg  Ben Hawkins.jpg

Ben Hawkins is a jewellery designer and maker based in Hatton Gardens, London specialising in bespoke wear – from intricate high end diamond jewellery to large statement fashion design. Ben completed the Foundation Programme course at the Goldsmiths’ Centre in 2014 where he won the Catherine Jones of Cambridge competition for his pendant design inspired by the architecture of Cambridge.


Mirka Janeckvo

Porcelain Brooch - Janeckova Mirka.jpg  Porcelain Neckpiece  - Janeckova Mirka.jpg

Mirka Janeckvo is a current postgraduate in Jewellery and Metals at the Royal College of Art. She sees jewellery as a container for the wearer’s emotions, memories and hopes. Her work is inspired by surrealism and indigenous cultures; and refers to the body in an abstract way, exploring the relationship between people and their subconscious mind. Her most recent collections use ‘white’ materials such as porcelain, silver, aluminium and textile to create playful, poetic pieces.


Kyosun Jung

Work (3)  - Jung, Kyosun.jpg  Work (2) - Jung, Kyosun.jpg

Kyosun Jung is a silversmith whose work exudes a striking combination of simple forms with expressive decoration that provides high visual impact and widespread appeal. Her pieces are inspired by nature and have been exhibited in Germany and at the V&A, the Goldsmiths’ Centre and Mappin & Webb. Kyosun completed her studies at the Creative Arts in Rochester, having graduated with a degree from Jangan College, Republic of Korea in 2014. She is currently engaged in the workshop of internationally renowned silversmith Clive Burr at the Goldsmiths’ Centre.

Tina McCleod

Black Rock -  - MacLeod Tina Alexandra.jpg  Rock Face - MacLeod Tina Alexandra.jpg

Tina McCleod is a Scottish designer/maker who creates tactile pieces of jewellery that evoke a sense of place. The concept of the island and the unique atmosphere of the Hebridean coastal woodland are central to her work, capturing an essence of that sensed but unexplained aura often experienced within the forest. By utilising precious metal techniques that produce delicate but deliberate layers of surface texture, she is able to convey a sense of the ephemeral nature of the living landscape. Tina graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2015 with a BA in Silversmithing & Jewellery Design.



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